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Corrosion Preventive

As per ASTM D-1743

This test method covers the determination of the corrosion preventive properties of greases using grease-lubricated tapered roller bearings stored under wet conditions.

This equipment distributes a lubricating grease sample in a roller bearing by running the bearing under light thrust load. Corrosion preventive capability is determined on a pass/fail basis by the presence of rust spots (1mm or larger) on the bearing race after a 60 +3 second run-in period followed by prolonged exposure to water at constant temperature.

Complete with Variable Speed Controller with Electric Motor 1750rpm +50rpm Speed, Run-in stand, Bearing holder assemblies, Plastic test jar, Spindle/thrust loading device, Mechanical grease packer pliers and Test Bearings.

Corrosion preventive equipment consists of a) A control panel with a rocker ON/OFF switch, Variable Speed Controller, Digital RPM meter and b) A stand with drive motor on base with driving cone hub, thrust, locking device, mechanical grease packer, test bearing etc.