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Oxidation Stability of Lubricating Grease

As per ASTM D-942, IP 142

In this test method, the grease sample is oxidized in a bomb initially charged with oxygen at 110 psi (758kPa) and maintained at elevated temperature for a specified period. The pressure drop inside the bomb is measured by means of a Pressure gauge or transducer.

Constant temperature oil bath is provided which holds the 2 number of bombs at the proper depth for determining oxidation stability of lubricating greases. Temperature in controlled by Microprocessor Based PID Controller.

Oxidation Bomb : Stainless steel bomb consists of body, lid with stem and needle valve, petri dish holder as per ASTM specifications. Bomb interior surfaces and inside of stem have a high polish to facilitate cleaning. Safely withstands a working pressure of 180psi (1241kPa) at 99°C (210°F).

Included Accessories: 2 nos. of SS Bomb with Stirrer , Petri Dishes and PTFE gasket seals , cap screws with wrench.