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Water Washout Tester

As per ASTM D1264

The water washout apparatus is suitable for testing water washout characteristics of grease as per ASTM D1264.

A sample of the lubricating grease under evaluation is tested in a bearing rotating under specific speed by spraying heated water and the loss of grease is determined. A tank is provided to hold about 750 ml of water with heating arrangement for heating the water to up to temperature 80°C.

The equipment is provided with test bearing housing assembly as specified in the test method. The digital temperature controller with sensor is also provided for accurate indication of the temperature inside the equipment. The unit is provided with a ball bearing (ASTM 204) as specified in the test method.

Circulating pump provided with a supply pressure and a return suction line, regulating valves, a splash nozzle and accessory.The pump is capable of delivering 300 ml/min heated water via 1mm capillary. The water containing washed out grease is collected in the tank, filtered & recycled during the test.

Provision is made for fine adjustable of water flow through a bypass to allow the preheated water to circulate without passing through the jet or impinge on bearing housing.


  • The bearing rotational speed is 600 ± 30 rpm.
  • Supplied with test bearings – 2 Nos.
  • Drain valve to remove the tested water.
  • Provided with necessary tools and fixtures for assembling of bearing housing.
  • Power supply : 230 +10% V AC, Single Phase, 50 / 60 Hz.