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Demulsion Bath

AS PER ASTM D 1401, DIN51599

Demulsion Bath or Demulsibility Bath is used for determination of ability of a lubricating oil to separate from water and resist emulsification. This is one of the most important performance characteristic for Lubricating oil for applications involving water contamination and turbulence. Water separability is determined by stirring equal volume of water and sample together at a controlled temperature to form an emulsion and observing the time required for separation of the emulsion to occur. This method is suitable for petroleum oils and synthetic fluids.

Construction - Double Walled Construction with toughened glass observation window.

Circulation system – Heavy duty capacitor run motor with stirrer to help maintain uniform temperature across bath media.

Heater – immersion heater fitted to help achieve above ambient temperature. Heater connected to PID output heater wiring done using Teflon coated cable

Temperature controller & instrumentation – fully automatic microprocessor based PID controller having feather touch key board. Display indicating temperature with resolution of 0.01& the controller is having splash proof membrane with PT -100 sensors.


  • Illumination from back side.
  • 4 Nos. Herschel Emulsifier.
  • Stirrer can be easily moved to each test position instead of moving the samples.
  • Digital temperature controller with speed and timer
  • Timer stops the stirring on completion of set time i.e. 5 minutes automatically with alarm.
  • Temperature: Ambient to 100°C, ± 0.5°C.
  • Speed up to 1500 rpm, ± 15 rpm
  • Power supply: 120 V / 230 Volts , Single Phase AC , 50/60 Hz