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Flame Proof Water jacketed Oven

The Water Jacketed Oven is Ideal for wide range of incubating, tempering, thermal storage and drying application of inflammable material.

Construction : Triple walled construction with inner and middle chamber form a jacket and made out of 16 SWG, 304 AISI, stainless steel buffed to mirror finish. Outer body made of 20 SWG, CRCA sheet duly epoxy powder coated or20 SWG, 304 AISI, stainless steel buffed to matt finish. 2 Nos. stainless steel wire mesh trays supplied with oven. Thermal insulation provided in between the walls to prevent loss of temperature. The door should be of flush type and will be provided with positive locking arrangement.

Water jacketed heating chamber for accurate uniform heat dissipation across the working chamber. Water inlet / outlet and overflow provided. Stainless steel water reservoir with float valve is fitted on the left hand side of the chamber.

Flameproof Heating System : Flameproof heating element made of 80/20 Oxidized Ni-chrome for maximum dissipation of heat across the working chamber. Heater is inter connected to the control output. Brass piece fittings for heaters with 2”threading and flameproof heater terminal box with cable gland fitting.

Flameproof Temperature Controller And Instrumentation : Flameproof microprocessor based PID temperature controller with feather touch key board and PT-100 sensor with 0.10C resolution on digital display. Controller fitted at right hand side of the oven. Single switch for main with sufficient overrated current rating. Single contactors provided for heaters to be heated. Single indicator for heating indication. Spring loaded safety valve, water level circuit with alarm, inlets valve 2 Nos. provided. All wiring is provided in ‘C’ channel.

Flameproof Air Handling System: Heavy duty Flameproof motor with blower circulation provided on top of the oven for air circulation inside the chamber. Motor is class ‘F’ insulation and IP-55 protection. Temperature sensor PT-100 is fitted on the external surface of the motor through a safety digital controller housed in flameproof enclosure to cut off the motor if the motor surface temperature evaluates exceeds 70°C.


  • Control System : Micro-PID digital with PT-100 sensor.
  • Chamber Heater : 2.0 Kw.
  • Temperature range : Above ambient to 90°C , ± 1°C
  • Power supply : 415 +10% Volt AC, 3 Phase, 50 Hz
  • MOC inner : 304 Stainless steel
  • MOC outer : Epoxy Powder Coating
  • Working Size : 50 W x 50 D x 50 H CMS.

The Oven will be provided with Flameproof certificate covering Heating element, Electric motor & Micro-PID digital temperature control panel.