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It is used for testing of detergents, enzymes, additives, surfactants, cleaners for textiles and other materials.

Tergotometer has constant temperature bath with Stainless Steel inner working chamber. Outer Body can be made with Epoxy Powder Coated or with Stainless Steel. Temperature of water bath is controlled by digital temperature controller. The Agitator is driven by DC motor with gear box.


  • Temperature range : Above ambient to 50°C, ± 0.5°C
  • Speed : 50 to 150 rpm, ± 1 rpm
  • Power supply : 120 V / 230 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz , Single Phase
  • Different temperature range from 0 to 100°C can be offered for specific applications.
  • We can also offer CE Certified Tergotometer.