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Oxidation Stability Dry Bath

As per IEC 61125 , Method C

Oxidation Stability Dry Bath machine is used for determination of Oxidation stability of oil by exposing the oil sample to a measured oxygen flow at higher temperature in presence of catalyst. The equipment consist of aluminum block for testing 12/24 samples. The array of 12 / 24 Rotameter are also provided.


  • 12/24 Place aluminum alloy dry bath with 12 / 24 well machined holes for oxidation tubes.
  • The Temperature of dry bath is accurately controlled by Microprocessor based PID digital temperature controller with PT-100 Sensor
  • Flow meters provided with needle valve to regulate air flow at 0.15 LPH ± 0.015 LPH.
  • Temperature range : 50°C to 375°C ± 0.5°C.
  • The heating element made of oxidized nichrome sleeved in ceramic carrier are casted around the 12/24 bored holes for uniform dissipation of heat across the 12/24 holes.
  • Power Supply : 120 V / 230 V , Single Phase AC , 50 / 60 Hz