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Oxidation Stability By Rotating Pressure Vessel Method

As per ASTM D 2112, D 2272, IP 229, IS:12958-1990 :
The Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test (RPVOT) determines the oxidation stability of an oil. RPVOT measures the actual resistance to oil oxidation whereas the other tests detect oxidation that is already present in the oil.


  • The Equipment is used to evaluate the oxidation stability of new and in-service engine, turbine and insulating oils in the presence of water and a copper catalyst.
  • 2 Nos. of Rotating pressure vessels oil bath on castors.
  • Digital electronic temperature controller with safety mechanical fail-safe thermostat.
  • Heavy duty drive motor to rotate pressure vessel at 100 rpm and is housed below the oil bath.
  • Rotating pressure vessel constructed of stainless steel with stem and valve to receive pressure transducer.
  • Pressure vessel is held at an angle of 30°
  • Capacity of bath is 70 litres with stainless steel body and top cover.
  • Catalyst wire, glass liners with PTFE-cover, an ASTM 96C thermometer, 'O' ring supplied with the unit.
  • Automatic Pressure digital data logger with PC interfacing software supplied on CD-ROM with pressure sensor.
  • Power Supply : 120 / 220 Volts AC, Single Phase 50 / 60 Hz