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Viscosity Bath

As per ASTM 445, D446, IP 71, DIN51550

Construction – Inner bath made stainless steel 304, outer body made of stainless steel with glass window ( Fully Stainless Steel Model). Alternatively Outer body can be made of Mild Steel Powder Coated. ( Standard Model )

Circulation system – Heavy duty capacitor run motor with stirrer to help maintain uniform temperature across bath media.

Heater – immersion heater fitted to help achieve above ambient temperature. Heater connected to PID output heater wiring done using Teflon coated cable.

Temperature controller & instrumentation - Eurotherm make fully automatic microprocessor based PID controller having feather touch key board. Display indicating temperature with resolution of 0.01°C  & the controller is having splash proof membrane with PT -100 sensors.


  • Test bath for six opening with viscometer holders
  • Efficient stirrer system. Excellent temperature uniformity in the bath.
  • Unit for temperature accuracy  ±  0.05 °C
  • Temperature range : 38.00 to 120.00 °C
  • Power supply : 120 V / 230  Volts  AC. 1 phase, 50 / 60 Hz