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Oil Separation From Lubricating Grease During Storage

As per ASTM D-1742

The oil separation tester is used for determination of the tendency of a lubricating grease to separate oil during storage in both normally filled and partially filled containers.

In this equipment , the sample is placed on a sieve inside a special test cell and subjected to 0.25psi (1.72kPa) air pressure at constant temperature. Any oil that bleeds from the grease during a 24 hour period is collected in the cell and weighed.

The equipment consists of pressure bleeding test cells with air pressure regulator system and constant temperature air cabinet.

Pressure Bleeding Test Cell :

Type A test cell includes cup assembly with funnel and positioning seat for beaker; cover with air inlet fitting and 200-mesh stainless steel sieve strainer with brass support ring. Bayonet type connection and o-ring seal provide tight closure between cover and base. Cup, funnel and base are constructed of chrome plated spun copper. Order test beaker separately.

Constant Temperature Air Cabinet :

Provides a constant temperature environment and regulated air pressure as per ASTM specifications. Consists of an insulated airtight cabinet with pressure system to accommodate four pressure bleeding test cells. Equipped with electric heater, microprocessor based PID controller, cooling coil and circulating fan for efficient temperature control at 250C. Pressure system includes air inlet pressure regulator with gauge, Cartesian manostat, manifold with control valves for four test cells, output gauge, manostat and gas washing bottle. Built-in pressure relief valve protects against pressure surge. Cabinet is constructed of double wall stainless steel with thermal insulation.


  • 230 +10% Volt AC, 1 Phase, 50 Hz
  • Supplied wiith Four Bleeding Cell.